Schools across the country are celebrating Red Ribbon Week! Remember to practice HEART daily and that kindness begins with you! 

Please join us in showing our Bulldog spirit and making healthy choices!
Oct. 25th
– Healthy Choices are the Key to Your Dreams! Wear your PJ’s or activewear.
Oct. 26th
– Smart and Healthy Choices Begin With Me! Healthy Choice bookmarks provided in school.
Oct. 27th
– Rally in Red Day! Wear red.
Oct. 28th
– Pledge to Make Good Choices! Red Ribbon Week Pledges provided in school.
Oct. 29th
– Scare Bad Choices Away! Wear your costume.
Things you can talk to someone at home or school about:
● What choices can you make each day to be healthy?
● Work on getting enough sleep at night.
● Talk about healthy food choices and activities.