JANUARY 25 - JANUARY 29, 2021

The Great Kindness Challenge is one week dedicated to creating a culture of kindness on school campuses nationwide. BW is proudly participating in this proactive, positive initiative. All students will be receiving a daily kindness challenge as well as a checklist with kind acts. Please encourage your child to have fun and complete the list.

 We will be collecting them on Friday and tallying up our good deeds!

Please help us celebrate by showing some KINDNESS: 



Students/families can

  feel free to show our gratitude to the Rockaway Township Police Department

  for National Law Enforcement Day

  (Jan. 25 - 29)

Share how you would change the world with kindness.

Be a Kindness Ninja and send a kind message to a student, staff member, or someone in your family.

Show your Kind HEARTS by helping in school, at home, or in your community.

Choose a different act of kindness each day.

Help create Love Links for the world’s longest recycled paper chain made with messages of love and hope.  (Strips need to be between 11-18 inches & 1.5 inches wide. Please return to Mrs. Patel)