January 23-27

Monday’s Challenge: Be KIND to Yourself. Tuesday’s Challenge: Be KIND to family members. Take a mindful breath. Leave a sweet note for a family member. Say Something Positive to yourself. Ask someone about their day. Pat yourself on the back. Find a job that needs to be done. Celebrate something new you have learned to do. 

Wednesday’s Challenge: Be KIND to Classmates. Thursday’s Challenge: Be KIND to Neighbors. Say good morning to at least five classmates. Smile and wave at a neighbor. Invite a classmate to play with you at recess Offer to help a neighbor. Thank a classmate for their kindness. Leave a kind note for your neighbor. Leave a kind note on a classmate's desk. Thank a neighbor for their kindness 

Friday’s Challenge: Be KIND to Your School. Pick up trash off the floor. 

Thank a staff member for their kindness. 

Leave a kind note for a staff member.

Help clean your classroom.